"Blue, darkly, deeply, beautifully blue" Robert Southey (1774-1843) Poet Laureate

" Out of the whole gamut of printing techniques left to us by the earliest pioneers of photography, only one process survives unchanged to the present day: cyanotype. Yet its images still seem unnatural to many viewers; the intensity of Prussian blue invests them with an incongruity that has curbed the scope of this process ever since it first saw light in the dawn of photography. Cyanotype endures nonetheless, and is still practised in just the same way as 172 years ago. With the advancing sophistication of our photographic vision, its strange blue aesthetic is gaining a wider acceptance than hitherto; so the time now seems ripe for a review of cyanotype as an alternative medium of photographic practice." text : © Mike Ware 2014 MA DPHIL CCHEM FRSC Cyanomicon History, Science and Art of Cyanotype: photographic printing in Prussian blue.

Inspired and encouraged by Eddy Willems, former lecturer and expert in fine arts at the Art Academy SASK Hasselt Belgium, I created cyanotypes on divers materials. A series of ten portraits on glass, a panoramic view 27 x 90 cm of the Forum Romanum on Japanese paper Awagami Shushoku 65 gr, back lighted by daylight led light. I used watercolor and Epson Luster paper for street photography. The panoramic was illuminate by sunlight, the others with solarium tubes.