about me


It’s great you found me!

I’m a project manager by profession with a background in architectural engineering and facility management.

Photography has been my passion for more than 40 years. I started primarily as an autodidact amateur and as a student earning some pocket money with photography. In 2010 I decided to work as a semi-professional photographer in addition to my fulltime job.

I chose the name “images4thoughts” as the name represents the photos I take: provoking, wondering, surprising, convincing and demanding reflections.

I completed my professional education in photography at Syntra Hasselt, poked around almost a year at the Art Academy Maasmechelen, looking for the (im)possibilities in both of them for personal growth. Afterward  I continued with tailor-made courses at Photothema Amsterdam. In 2017, I passed Photo Art at the academy of Arts, SASK Hasselt.

Just like the Ansel Adams quote on my homepage: to me there is no conceptual approach which will lead to great photography. At the very most it will lead to preferred portrayal and presentation. A good photo will convince by the presence of its creator, in the way (s)he articulates the captured moment. Give it some thought. This is slightly different from one’s own style.

The commercial photos are mostly related to construction or real estate projects: 3D panoramas, time-lapse photography, photo-art and business or social reports.

My non-commercial work is mainly street photography and architecture frequently combined, and sometime presented in a more artistic way i.e. photo art.

I hope you will enjoy my work.

Kind Regards,

Leo de Warem.