Amor Fati

Amor Fati is a Latin expression that means "love for lot" or "fate".

In a series of 15 images, this affirmation is projected on relationships.

Relationships do exist in a wide range. Partners, lovers, brother/sister, parent/child, friends, employer/employee and so on. In every relationship, after all, there are types of being  in love.  Enchantment, promissory, love, feelings of solidarity, senses of security, familiarity, obviousness, safety, interdependency, carelessness, indifference, intolerance, despair and taking leave.

In a sequence, the relationship is visualized through a red and white scarf on a coathanger.  

The hanger is a symbol for the context.  On the one hand, as a frame, the outer and material, to which the relationship is attached.  On the other hand, the framework, the inner and the (im)explicit (alleged) agreements and latitudes.  In addition, the hanger symbolizes the (on) balance.

The purpose in most relationships is to become balanced from them, or becoming happier.  Much however, in life, depends on the influence of the "other" or the circumstances.

How can we be happy if, in spite of our influence, we do not succeed in our hope or striving?  If the "other" or if you like, destiny, determines differently as expected?


Amor Fati!