NS Stations ( Dutch Railways)  provides quality imagery in waiting rooms and buildings for the pleasure of its customers. In Venlo, presented on the concourse, is a 12 meter long,  four-part sillhouette of the syline along te river Maas. At the entrance to platform 1, there is a picture of the Town Hall in renaissance style. In the waiting room and the Passage panels present detailed parts of the same silhouette in full collor. At plaform 1: I: Domani, the late medieval chapel: Maria Weide, located on the Domincan square in the heart of Venlo is since 2007 the culatural stage of Venlo; II: a view along the harbour; III: The Jodenstraat is a street in the first quadrant in the center of the city The first quadrant is also called little Italy, a name given by the Italians who once lived there.